S. M. Groups

S.M. Industries was founded in 1994 with rigorous efforts of Partners Mr. M.H.Raut & Mr.P.C.Shridharan with a small scale production unit.

Due to persistent hard work and customer satisfaction to a comprehensive high level expansion was within reach in a period of five years increasing the customer base to multiples.

Quality norms approval and timely achieved commitments raised a demand from existing customers for the supply of sheet metal process parts. So, Rutvij Electrical Pvt.Ltd. was established in 2001 headed by Mr. Vinod .

Heavy demand of Cast machined items, Un timely supply of raw material from vendors, delayed transportation from supplier end ignited the concept of S.M. Foundry is in 2007 handled by Mr.M.H.Raut & Mr.Chanchal Singh.

Prior Knowledge, clear design, assets , vast experience in heavy fabrication works set up K.V. Fabricators in 2005 engineered by Mr.P.C.Shridharan

S. M. Groups of Companies